Your Ultimate Talent Matchmaker

Are you tired of sifting through piles of resumes and never ending cover letters, desperately searching for that needle in the haystack or that special diamond in the rough? Look no further! I’m here to be your ultimate recruitment partner, dedicated to finding you the perfect fit for a range of professions and industries; from blue collar all the way to white collar talent. I bring a breath of fresh air paired with acute expertise.

Crystal Zankovic


Matching Skills And Team Culture

Finding the right candidate is more than industry experience or a piece of paper; I dive deep to understand what makes them tick.
My superpower lies in making candidates feel so comfortable that they open up to me. You won’t always get an individual who ticks all the boxes; but what you will get is someone who is ambitious, motivated and willing to learn how to become a true asset to your team.


A Partner For All Your Needs

Consider me your trusty business partner, always in sync with your goals. I live and breathe the values of your company and become your biggest advocate. I don’t work for you, I work with you. Whether you’re a start-up navigating the local scene or a global powerhouse shaking things up, I’ve got you covered. My track record speaks for itself, having collaborated with esteemed firms like Hudson, Adecco, Tabcorp, Sportsbet, The Global Beauty Group, and Rezdy.


Speed, Efficiency, And Quality

But it doesn’t stop there. I believe in providing a complete experience, both for your company and the candidates I place. This fosters long term loyalty and ensures satisfaction all round. I provide you with comprehensive insights on potential talents, so you know exactly what you’re in for – technical capabilities, individual personalities and how they’ll make the perfect addition to your team. Rest assured, I’ve got the end-to-end process covered, leaving no stone unturned.

I understand the sense of urgency. In the whirlwind of business, time is of the essence. That’s why I pride myself on being quick, efficient, and utterly professional. With me on board, you’ll find the perfect candidate right when you need them the most. I deliver results promptly, without compromising on quality.

So, let’s embark on this exciting journey together! Say goodbye to the dull and conventional recruitment methods and embrace the fun and highly effective approach. Unveiling hidden gems is my specialty, and I can’t wait to show you the extraordinary talent that awaits. Reach out to me today, and let’s make your dream of growing your team sustainably a reality!


  • Talent Pipelining
  • 360 Recruiter
  • High volume, bulk recruitment, and headhunting
  • Business Partnering
  • ATS Management
  • Design/Implement recruitment process flow
  • Design/facilitate interview trainings with hiring team
  • Design Job advert templates
  • Design hiring brief templates
  • Design Interview guides
  • Design/implement employee referral program
  • Training and mentoring
  • Position Description(PD) refresh
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My Achievements

I worked with Crystal during my recruitmemt journey at Rezdy & she was nothing short of amazing. Throughout the recruitment process, she made me feel so comfortable, was really insightful and always kept me up to date with progress & was always available for questions. She really did look out for my best interest & was really open & honest.

Elena Sirna

Crystal is one of the most professional and empathetic HR / Recruiter leaders I have had the chance to work with. She has a genuine care for all team members and constantly checks in on their personal well being. Crystal has made my introduction to Rezdy an absolute joy and helped me settle very quickly and engage with the incredible company culture. I would happily endorse Crystal for any Recruitment, HR or people centric leadership roles.

Michelle (Jonovski) Nahas

Crystal is a true force in talent acquisition. She has helped me to build a superstar product design team in no time. I have no idea where she got all those great candidates from, but that is just what she does and does so well. Her unbelievable track record may also have to do with her sharp mind, friendly spirit and the abundance of positive energy she brings to the table. She definitely is a winner - big time!!!

Frank Feustel

As a job candidate, it’s a nerve racking time waiting for responses from recruiters as you go through the process. Crystal is the most proactive, personable recruiter I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She sets clear expectations and meets them, ensuring she follows up when she says she will and always with a positive, friendly demeanour which makes her delightful to speak with and hear from. Even after my recruiting process was complete, Crystal continued to be a supportive team member. Reaching out to welcome me when I started and continually supporting and celebrating my journey. This demonstrates that she truly does care about those she’s bringing into the company, not just trying to make a good impression at the start. She will be sorely missed!

Kim Paech

Crystal is a powerhouse! Throughout my time working with Crystal, I have been impressed with her initiative, creativity, attention to detail, and immense care for the business, her candidates, and the hiring manager(s). She is also an incredible teammate and team player - I have loved working with her.

Sarah McVay

Firstly, on a personal level, Crystal is a fantastic person. She is vibrant and supportive. Has a great way of connecting with people by listening and understanding each individual. This is one of many attributes that make Crystal fantastic at her job. She is dedicated to finding the right roles for the right people, supporting both prospective employees and employers in perfect balance.

Patrick Pearson

Crystal is an perfect example of an excellent talent acquisition partner! She is bubbly, easy-going and goes above and beyond throughout the entire recruitment process. She has exceptional communication skills, dependable and focused. She has never once left me feeling that i needed to chase up the process of the recruitment stage. I would highly recommended her!

Michael W.

Based on my experience working with Crystal, I think she is one of the best recruiters I have worked with. She is very thorough in her preparations and goes above and beyond to find the right match for a hiring manager's needs in a very professional manner. Crystal will be an asset to any company to find new talent!

Hemant Malhotra

I had the pleasure of working with Crystal to fill numerous roles in my team. Crystal is a superstar! She is detail orientated, supportive, moves swiftly, and always conducts herself in a professional manner. Her personality is easily relatable and makes candidates feel comfortable to open up to her, which in turn provides hiring managers with greater insight into whom they are interviewing / will be working with. Crystal has always put forward nothing but a strong caliber of candidates for me to consider for my team. I love working with her and would highly recommend her for any TA partner or recruitment role - she will not disappoint!

Andria Zachariou

Crystal is a superstar TA Partner! Working with as hiring manager when scaling Product Design team at Rezdy from 2 to 9 designers in a very short timeframe was fantastic experience. Her professionalism, passion and energy are beyond everything I ever experienced and she made my journey as hiring manager effortless, I had full confidence in every single step of the process. Crystal took a lot of time time to really get to know who we were looking for. Within just 3.5 weeks we were able to source 4 incredibly talented designers! After not able for source a single one for over 3 month. Crystal's professionalism was highly valued by our candidates as well and they couldn't be happier with support she provided. I couldn’t thank Crystal enough for her help and I would highly recommend her to anyone hiring!

Elisa Evans

Crystal is an amazing recruiter, she spends a lot of time with you to understand your specific requirements & what you are looking for so she can find the best candidates for you. She is very thorough in her pre-screening & sharing her thoughts. She is super efficient & brought a lot of quality candidates to the business. I can’t recommend her high enough!

Sophie Lorre

I was fortunate to be able to work with Crystal during her time at Rezdy. Crystal’s energy and dedication creates an environment that supports urgency and action. Her ability to achieve greater than expected results speaks volumes about her work ethic, knowledge and dedication. Working with Crystal was an amazing experience for internal partners and new hires. Her ability and drive to find the right candidate to support the team and organization never waivered. I look forward to potentially working with Crystal in the future.

Matthew Webb

Crystal is a superstar recruiter! She assisted me with my first hire at Rezdy. She took the time to really understand my requirements for the role and the type of candidate I was looking for. She is thorough and detail oriented. She made my journey as a hiring manager feel effortless. The energy and passion she brought with her to fill the role was a breath of fresh air. She is an outstanding communicator. She constantly kept me updated during the entire process. I couldn’t thank Crystal enough and I would highly recommend her to anyone hiring!

Kareena Black

I worked with Crystal to rapidly scale a design team in a highly competitive market. Crystal was able to find, screen and fill product design roles with incredibly talented designers. I’d recommend working with Crystal if you want to talk to quality candidates without all the fuss.

Josh Bradshaw

I love working with Crystal. Her passion and energy for for the candidate & the candidate experience is amazing. She is super efficient as a recruiter and and you can confidently trust that she will find you the best talent!

Sebastian Alfredsson

Crystal became famous internally for her ability to find the best candidates, that would go on to be high performing and long lasting employees. She managed to keep this up even throughout the turbulence of the pandemic, and the shifting job market (tourism industry) so I'm sure she'd be able to handle anything in the future.

Max Harris Brassil

I worked with Crystal during her time at Sportsbet. Crystal was a much loved Talent Acquisition Partner to the organisation. She was always approachable, helpful, professional and efficient. Her approach and style meant both our stakeholders and our candidates loved working with her and consistently had a great experience. She constantly puts the candidate experience first, while coaching hiring managers to get the best outcomes for their teams

Rochelle Bibby

I got the opportunity to work alongside Crystal at Rezdy while hiring for our sales team. She made the process so smooth and actually enjoyable. Crystal took the time to really get to know me and who we were looking for in an addition to our team. She was thorough and organised to the point I had complete confidence that we were on the same page in our goals. I definitely recommend her to anyone who needs help with TA

Lisa Robertson

I’ve been so blessed to have cross paths with Crystal while I was searching for my next role. Job searching can be incredibly stressful, but Crystal warm demeanour made the recruitment process at Rezdy a breeze! 🎉 She is incredible empathetic, passionate & professional at what she does — with many of my colleagues feeling the same! 😊 I’d highly recommend Crystal if you’re looking for a superstar TA Partner! 🔥

Nick Low

Crystal worked for me at Tabcorp during our merger and was a key part of our TA team. With high volumes and incredibly tight deadlines Crystal was amazing. Always willing to help the team, adaptable and met deadlines. I would recommend Crystal in a TA role (she is also one of the kindest people you will ever meet).

Sonja Butler

I had the pleasure of working alongside Crystal for 1 year and 9 months at Sportsbet, partnering to hire talent for our trading floor. Crystal’s passion and understanding of the roles resulted in significant impact on the talent we hired. Better still, it was her fun and energy that always stood out. Without hesitation, I would recommend Crystal in a Talent Acquisition Partnering role within your organisation.

David McDonnell

With her terrific work ethic, integrity, and team focus, I highly recommend Crystal Zankovic as somebody worth having in your network. Crystal’s loyalty and cheerful disposition makes her a pleasure for anyone to have as a colleague and friend.

Matt Harrison

I worked with Crystal when my organisation was going through a high volume of recruitment of roles across our multiple offices in Australia. As we scaled up our staff demand we saw rapid and sudden demand changes needing an agile and supportive recruitment stakeholder to make our requirements possible. Crystal was a reliable, supportive and highly dedicated support for our team through this. She always showed great enthusiasm and energy, and no matter what the request she always over-delivered to timelines. Her expertise and skillset delivered great quality talent into our business and make this process seamless and easy for our team. Crystal was a valued key stakeholder in all projects she supported our team with.

James Moore

Crystal was an absolute delight to work with and was brilliant in every stage of the recruitment process! Thank you so much for all your help with recruitment at Sportsbet!

Lucy Jamil